Hammerwerk kapo Gesellschaft mbH & Co KG offers services in the following segments:

Forging technology

Forging technology in the subsegments Hammer Forging, Die Forging, Upsetting, and Rolling. We manufacture finished wear parts and harden and temper them. Sandblasting is an option.


Machining technology

Machining technology in the subsegments Conventional Milling, CNC Milling, Conventional Turning, CNC Turning, and Sinker Eroding.


Forming and bending technologies

We press and bend components in their cold state up to a material thickness of 20 mm. Where hot forming is concerned, we specialize in special shapes and high precision.


Wear parts for tillage

We manufacture wear parts for plows, harrows, and cultivators.


Agricultural machines

Our range of products includes tractors, mowers, dumpers, hay tools, and used parts for IHC, Case IH, and McCormick.