Forging Technology

Our Forging Technology segment comprises the following subsegments:

Hammer Forging

In the spring hammer or air hammer, we forge parts up to a piece weight of 30 kg. They include:

  • forklift forks
  • silo bale tips
  • hydraulic chisels
  • and many others.

Die Forging

Currently, we press parts up to a weight of 5 kg in dies by means of friction screw presses, eccentric presses, and crank presses.


We upset spheres, cylinders, cones and cuboids to any given cross-section as well as tubes and shaped tubes up to a size of 180 mm x 100 mm and a wall thickness of 25 mm.


Our rolled parts are currently used only for the production of agricultural machinery, predominantly in the wear parts segment, e.g., skim points or tapered tines for silage and hay.